Liberate Arts is an online Fine Art Gallery that goes beyond art. As a gallery, we are driven by the goal of empowering artists and their audiences by dissolving the boundaries that lie between them. Run by artists, join us to discover the artist's story and the inspiration behind their art. Get fast and easy access to original, and top of the line quality prints in various different genres, from talented artists around the world.  The biggest problem we encounter in art today is the fact that very few of the inspiration behind the art is ever truly shared to the audience. The artists have always known the stories, and the inspiration behind it, unfortunately, the inspiration is not always fully shared when we go online to purchase art, or to simply learn more about it. This makes it harder for people to relate to art, and therefore the value never fully reaches society.

As an online art gallery, Liberate Arts aims to reduce the ambiguity between the artist and their audience by sharing the inspiration. We do this by going beyond the different types of art and capturing the liberating ideas, feelings, and perceptions through written, audio, and video content. Essentially, it is an aim to unite the artist and their global community together, by clearly communicating the transformative values, the process, and the ultimate inspiration behind art that artists have always pricelessly worked to share with the world.  

  Our Inspiration

One of the hardest truths to fully accept in life is the fact that nothing lasts. As an art gallery run by artists, our relationship with art is deeply inspired and powered by the belief that often times, the story that contains the inspiration behind the art is not always over when the actual artwork is complete. The story lives on, and so the inspiration continues to spread. That way, what you may fail to see and grasp in the artwork itself, is captured and revealed in the inspirational story behind the art.

So although it is true that nothing lasts forever, and that not even our greatest moments of despair and sadness, nor our greatest joy and happiness will come to last, art remains one of the few things that fight to defy this.  by capturing and freeing from time what is beautiful and meaningful to us. Art frames those transcendent moments and glimpses of the sublime, and it makes it feel as though they last forever while everything else is constantly changing and fading away into the past.  With this in mind, the obvious questions are, as the meaningful things in our lives continue to change, what can art do to catch up with all the constant changes of the present moment? Although we all know what is meaningful to us, not all have the ability to make art, so how can art transform to enable everyone to experience and co-create alongside the artist?

This is what Liberate Arts directly addresses in the unique experience that we offer. We share with you the inspirations behind the art you love. In addition, the ability to join the artist, and begin to express what is meaningful to you as well. We do this by telling and integrating your own stories through the art over time. The art you love is the one you found beautiful, so we simply include you, and integrate your own story with something you already like at the present moment, as what is meaningful continues to change over time.